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Dear Client,

Hope this finds you well.


This note is to let you know that you are welcome to continue with our sessions during the lockdown should you wish to do so. Kindly just let me know either way. I will be consulting via Zoom or Whatsapp call, and we’ll set a time just as before.


We have received notice that most Medical Aids will pay for tele-therapy during the lockdown period. They realise that it is important that you can count on your therapy support system during this challenging time.


I am also working on a free Positivity Support Group via Zoom. I have in mind that we will meet 2-3x/week for about an hour to share thoughts and coping strategies and to see other humans. I already have three fabulous teachers lined up, each a specialist in their respective fields.


Do let me know via Whatsapp if you are interested in joining the group. Kindly also send your e-mail address to me via Whatsapp.


Caution: Please remember that your confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in the group, but the sense of connectedness in this time of isolation might make up for that. We will use first names only, for what it’s worth.


Zoom procedure:

If you choose Zoom, where we can see each other, I will send a meeting ID to you at the start of the session.


Please go to on Google Chrome your phone or computer and in the top menu bar on the right, click “Join a Meeting.”


This will take you to a text box requesting a Meeting ID, which I will send via Whatsapp.


In response to pop-up boxes select “Join with Computer Video” and “Join with Computer Audio.”


Whatsapp procedure:


If you choose Whatsapp, please call me via Whatsapp at the set time.


For now and the foreseeable future, all consultations will be conducted via Zoom.

Fee Structure (largely covered by most medical aids, depending on your membership plan)

R 500 for a 25 minute session

R 950 for a 51 minute session

R 1900 for a 120 minute session


I will bill you as per normal and send the account to you via e-mail  - upon receipt of which you then can do an EFT. To facilitate me finding your payment, please send your POP and your name and client number to my cell on 0824604575.


(My account details and your client number will be on you statement).


Be sure to find great survival tips and strategies on the Covid-Lockdown Coping board on the DrHannetjie Pinterest site.









Please also find below some interesting links to articles and talks regarding




6 April 2020


Jimmy Kyriacou is a former Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa whose life was powerfully transformed by his discovery of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in 1987. Jimmy is a trainer in NLP and Life Coaching, lectures Philosophy and Jurisprudence at St Augustine College in JHB, and is on the Faculty and Board of the South frican Medico-Legal Association (SAMLA).


Jimmy will discuss the NLP Concept of Reframing, the idea that all meaning depends on your point of view. To reframe something is to change its meaning by putting it in a different setting, context or frame. For instance, an unpleasant experience can seem funny when put in a long-term frame. It is one of the most useful NLP techniques.


He will explain how we can apply the technique to address any troubling thoughts and emotions that we might currently be experiencing by, paradoxically, befriending them.



Jimmy Kyriacou explains the NLP 6-step reframe for coping with fear and anxiety - Zoom Presentation to group on 6 April 2020.





7 April 2020

Hannetjie and Mariette Snyman talk about staying calm during lockdown. (Afrikaans Podcast)


Hoe om kalm te bly tydens "lockdown" - ROOI ROSE





7 April 2020

This is a short article about Dr Hannetjie by Mariette Snyman from Rooi Rose - (Afrikaans)


Driedimensionele skilderye en nuuskierigheid - ROOI ROSE





9 April 2020


Lionel Berman is a Shaman, teacher and Spiritual counselor.  After qualifying as a teacher he taught Biology, Science and Mathematics for several years before returning to university to study Educational Psychology. He lectured at GCE (Under Wits)  It was also during this time that he did "Twasa" (learn under a Sangoma teacher)in Limpopo Province.


After that, he went into his own practice doing Spiritual Counseling and teaching Shamanic Practice, drawing from all shamanic traditions the practices and traditions common to them. He lives in Jhb and continues to do personal consultations and run group works.


Lionel gives spiritual insights into our current circumstances.



The recording starts a minute or two into the talk.

As intro two basic premises: we are all connected and every experience is valid.

Lionel explained that pandemics happen. What is different about Covid, as opposed to annual flu that also kills a lot of people, is that we have not yet developed a “herd” immunity against it.


There are millions of viruses around, they are not viable by themselves, they need hosts. This virus is all about fear.


Illness is an old experience, from a past life or previous trauma, that needs to be processed and healed, especially where trauma and difficult emotions were involved and not dealt with sufficiently at that time...





13 April 2020


Mike Boon is the first person in history to paddle the Zambezi River from source to sea. He did this incredible feat alone and unsupported. During this time he went through a near death experience, was captured, held in confinement and interrogated by an army at war. He was alone with his thoughts and with the Universe. Although clearly extreme as a physical feat, this was a profoundly Spiritual journey.


Mike is CEO of a business. A father. Family man and friend. He does culture change work in organizations, bridging the barriers we all build up between us. In the context of Covid19, he is currently very active in gathering &  getting food to vulnerable people in Shacklands and in the face of the pandemic, building a better culture and country for our future.


Based on his Solo Zambezi odyssey and many other experiences in the Mountains, bush and military,  Mike will talk to us about ‘the journey within’ and then take us through a brief healing meditation technique.



Herewith the recording of part 1 of Mike Boon's talk. Because of the technical problems we had, you will mainly see me holding up the phone (he was talking on a Whatsapp call), but the audio is quite reasonable.  However, the audio transcript is not accurate and actually quite hilarious.


Please copy and paste the password (at the end of the link) to access the recording.


Password: w9?+0V?^


17 April 2020 - Mike Boon Part 2


What an inspiration!!


Password: U7@5VH#0





16 April 2020


Laurie Adams: Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner & Trainer

Laurie has had a lifelong interest in personal growth and healing which began with her studies in Social work, followed by qualifying as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner in the USA under Anthony Robbins. She is also a Brandon Bays Journey Practitioner, and has studied the Enneagram, (a model of understanding human behaviour), and was taught by Don Riso and Russ Hudson, who founded the Enneagram Institute in New York.


Laurie was trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and qualified as both a practitioner and trainer in EFT in 2005. She received her qualifications from EFT Master Ann Ross as well as EFT Master Karl Dawson, who were part of a group of EFT Masters trained by Gary Craig the founder of EFT.


Laurie has a passion for EFT, as she has found it is a fast and direct way to work with emotional and physical issues and can be taught to children as well as adults to be used on an ongoing basis as an immediate tool to relieve stress, anxiety and fear. Laurie has trained EFT practitioners in South Africa, and has held EFT workshops to teach people the skill of EFT and how to use it in their everyday lives. Laurie has a private practice and she works face to face with her clients, or via SKYPE and ZOOM.


EFT tapping Session with Laurie Adams


Password: h6^n@M8@



20 April 2020 - Laurie Adams


Tapping for Emotional Balance during lockdown and beyond



The Taping solutions App - I thought you might like to try this tapping meditation





20 April 2020


Marlene de Lange is a Director of Grow Consulting, a consulting firm that partners with its clients to deliver measurable people development through the design and delivery of customised capacity building solutions. She is a registered psychologist with a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology (Cum Laude)and a MPhil in Personal and Professional Leadership (Cum Laude).


She will talk about how the wisdom of the Enneagram can support us in this time of transformation.


The Enneagram is a very powerful personality typology and map of the human psyche. It provides deep insight into personality dynamics when we show up at our best, as well as when we sabotage ourselves.


Wisdom of the Enneagram


Password: 6p+?v+l$




21 April 2020

Hannetjie and Mariette Snyman talk about staying calm during lockdown. (Afrikaans Podcast)


Voel jy eensaam tydens die inperking? - ROOI ROSE





23 April 2020


Ricky Snyders is a Clinical Psychologist and Emeritus Professor at Unisa. He also taught systems thinking and family therapy at various US universities? (John Carroll in Cleveland, as well as Youngstown, Bowling Green and Toledo Universities in Ohio). Presently he runs a private practice in Marital and Family Therapy in Pretoria, and consults at various training institutions and clinics.



Locked and loaded : Rocking the Corona blues


Our living reality has been massively inverted and upset, probably forever.  I will look at the construction and reconstruction of meaning by people in their living environments, and link psychological reactions to altered contexts and frames.


Password: 1y.1^.^2





27 April 2020


Hi all. Wondering how things in our world are going to play out?


 Join us to get some answers and guidance on MONDAY the 27th APRIL 2020 at our Zoom talk at 15:30.


We are privileged to hear Dina Carvalho in action. Dina is a Predictive Analyst and she will talk about: Live predictions on future  outcomes of current global event of lockdown.


Dina is the creator of specialising in the art of prediction using planetary motion.


Password: 8z%25u$$



Predictive Astrologer Dina Carvalho


In conclusion - from Dina

My prediction for this period of time of lockdown will start easing the week of 18th May 2020

June shows the continuation of affairs left off from the month of March 2020.

Suspension of lockdown measures in week of 20th July 2020.

Outcome of finance affair of the month of April is seen October 2020.

Activities in the home in the month of May see outcome August then November 2020.

The event of constraint, scarcity in the month of April reflect 2021.

The planetary month of May begins the week of the 20th April 2020.

Activities on the days of 23 and 24th April reflect your activities for the month of May 2020.

Affairs of the month of April 2020 sees outcome of movement in July 2020.

Change in status of movement of the month of April see outcome of mobility,  potential mortality,  disruption July 2020.

This is a global energy.





4 May 2020


Melodie is very well known for her work in the body-mind arena, with Mind Dynamix, helping people unlock their authentic personal power.


She says: If we simplify the definition of neuroscience to the role of the physical body in emotional and mental states, we can connect and together, make some sense of how it is with us at the moment… and beyond. And create yet another profile of ourselves. But this profile is not a sentence, it’s a whole brief. And it comes with a way out…


Melodie de Jager is a mother, educator, speaker and author - currently gardener, chief cook and bottle washer.


Understanding the role of the physical body in emotional and mental states.


Our living reality has been massively inverted and upset, probably forever.  I will look at the construction and reconstruction of meaning by people in their living environments, and link psychological reactions to altered contexts and frames.


Password: 4C%4YA@5


Link to Dr Melodie De Jager’s e-book:


Thank you Melodie for generously making your book available.





7 May 2020


You are invited to another one of our fabulous Zoom talks. Karin Steyn talks about

Staying Afloat: We are all in the same storm but in different boats

Date: Thursday 7 May 2020 @ 15:30


Karin Steyn is a counselling psychologist in private practice. She is also a part-time psychology educator at the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP). She is trained in hypnotherapy and mindfulness and works with people to understand and resolve their challenges and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Sê he practices in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. She is married and has three boys.


This involves a brief examination of the intersections of spirituality, psychology and mindfulness. You atr invited to participate in a ritual of gratitude and a guided visualization for mental and emotional resourcefulness.


Password: 3E@W9R&4





11 May 2020


Influence and Self-deception  - presented by Dr Francois Hugo


The power of our influence on others and the level of satisfaction with ourselves lies in something deeper than behaviour. Based on his time spent with the Arbinger Institute in Salt Lake City in Utah, Francois will discuss the ‘something deeper.’ Some call it motivation, others call it intent or attitude, but we will use a different lens to look at it. I will also address the age-old problem in human science, the problem known as “self-deception.”



More about Dr François Hugo


He is a registered Clinical Psychologist and was an Associate Professor in Psychology at UJ, before he joined the financial services industry.  His focus is on Organisational Development and Executive Coaching.


He has acted as psychologist for the Proteas, the National Cricket Team and consulted to the Kolkata Knight Riders. He conducted workshops abroad e.g. Pakistan, India and Australia. He also lectures on a regular basis at GIBS and other Business schools.


François was born in Malawi and he has a passion for Africa. He has done several trips on his off-road motorcycle to Malawi, Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique. He recently travelled through Rajasthan, India on a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

Francois holds Private Pilot’s Licence and is a grade A paddler.

He is the author of two published books.


He is married to Jackie and they have four children and five grandchildren


Password: 2l!06111





15 May 2020


Dr Elsi Meyer is a student of life.


The mundane life between rules and competitiveness stirred a yearning in her to find the deeper meaning of her own life. She always suspected that the path leading to a free and whole mind she is looking for flows through the body.


Her search has taken her on profound studies and the practice of Human Movement Science, psychology, kinesiology, hypnosis, meditation and more.


In the book, Re-mind Your Body,  she shares her discoveries of the importance of body awareness to access the body-mind, and how it assist those who seek fulfilment in life. By learning to communicate with your body, you will discover a world of wisdom, truth and aliveness that will surpass the most intelligent reasoning.



Password: 4n%$d5Pd





25 May 2020


Sky Above Clouds - A Creative View of Aging by Dr Wendy Miller.


Dr Wendy Miller then discusses how creativity can be a catalyst for hope, love, and healing under any circumstance and at every age, enabling individuals to grow beyond the limitations imposed by both illness and aging?


Wendy also talks about the work of her late husband, Dr Gene Cohen, who is considered one of the founding fathers of the field of geriatric psychiatry, and is a well known figure in the movement of creativity and aging. Wendy herself, is a practicing artist and art psychotherapist, one of the founders of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association, and author of the book she will be sharing with us - Sky Above Clouds. She wrote this after the passing of her late husband in 2009.


Password: 2k$28Fc0





28 May 2020


Dr Hannetjie Edeling talks about Lockdown stress, its aftermath and how to protect oneself against the ramifications of stress. Then Dr Elsi Meyer presents a practical demonstration of Journaling as a method of connecting with one’s own inner communication.


Password: 3A!D^^?$





1 June 2020


Johan Raubenheimer on Spiral Dynamix in the current Covid Crisis.


Password: 9R+2$=#+





5 June 2020


From the Archives.

Book reviews:

Willie Snyman – Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Dr Hannetjie Edeling – Your Erroneous Zones – Wayne Dyer click here to read review


Password: 8M+=6eV6





11 June 2020


Book reviews:

Jodene Shaer talks about her own book, Ephineah and Dr Hannetjie Edeling Talks about Power vs Force by Dr Richard Hawkins.


Dr Hannetjie's Review: click here to read review

Ephineah' Review: click here to read review


Password: 1c$@53&1





18 June 2020


Yulinda Noortman talks about Interspecies communication


Dear friends. You are in for a treat at Thursday's Zoom session. Yulinda Noortman will be talking to us about the fascinating subject of Interspecies Communication.


Yulinda retired to the KZN Midlands in 2006 with the intention of writing a bestseller and painting a masterpiece. Instead, the arrival of a new puppy changed all of that.


Currently, she is a student of Interspecies Communication and in the last stage of getting accreditation with the Animal Talk Africa Academy. She is the Co-Director of BTAG, a NPC that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes Boston Terriers.


In her previous life (before retirement and learning to speak dog), Yulinda worked as a Development Economist in JHB. As a lifelong scholar her studies included a Masters in Economics, an Honours in Psychology and later an Honours in Languages and Literature. Sideline excursions were Psychoneuroimmunology, Divorce and Conflict Mediation, Energy Medicine, Meditation and Mysticism.


She has titled her talk “Spooky Action At A Distance” (Einstein).


Please feel free to share the Zoom link with friends on Thursday.  See you at 15:30 as always.

Enjoy the public holiday.

Love. Hannetjie


Password: 1Q+1kJ@9





2 July 2020


Klasie Wessels. Man's Search for Meaning


Klasie Wessels reviews the life-changing classic, “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankl, written after his survival of the concentration camps. Frankl became a neurologist and psychiatrist after the war and developed Logotherapy, a philosophical blueprint of how to survive difficulties by finding meaning, despite external circumstances.


We are so fortunate to have About Klasie Wessels. After 25 years in the advertising industry, the last 10 as Managing Director and Chairman of the advertising group, FCB, Klasie left to pursue his personal passion, people development.  He taught Logotherapy at Unisa’s Centre of Applied Psychology from 2014 to 2019 and was also Chairman of the Viktor Frankl Institute SA. He is still involved with the Institute as a contributing member.  Klasie is a Mindfulness Coach and his company, Streetschool, specialises in personal development with a strong emphasis on sustainable change.  He uses Logotherapy as the foundation of his work to create purpose and meaning.  The experiential part of Streetschool’s offering takes the form of personal development workshops in India and expeditions to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Since 2011, he has facilitated more than 350 people on 32 such personal development journeys.


Klasie’s talk will also address Edith Eger’s book, “The Choice”.  Eger met Frankl as a teenager in the concentration camp and he changed her life.


Password: 3z#8gua@





9 July 2020


This afternoon's book discussions by Willie Snyman and Dr Elsi Meyer


Willie Snyman, executive coach and family mediator, will be reviewing the ground-breaking and best-selling books of Scott Peck, “The Road less Travelled” and “Further Along the Road less Travelled”.  The first book starts with that famous beginning: "Life is difficult". Scott Peck argues that we all need discipline instilled in our childhood by a love which teaches us to face our problems instead of ducking them in procrastination and denial.  Once we admit that life is difficult, it is not THAT  difficult. Once we know the worst, we are free to see what is beyond it. “There is no worse bitterness than to reach the end of your life and realised you have not lived.”


Dr Elsi Meyer is a Doctor of Psychology, kinesiologist, meditation teacher and EFT coach. The connection between the mind and the body has been the focal point of all her studies. Recently she has been pursuing journaling as a way to make a deep, profound and life-changing connection between the conscious mind and the centre of the innermost sensation of the body.  Elsi will be discussing the book, “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kok about the Mind, Brain and Body in the transformation of trauma. The book’s central argument is that trauma is stored in the body. It discusses how people can gain control over the residues of past trauma to return to being masters of their lives. A bottom-up treatment-strategy can transform the imprints from the past, and directly contradict the helplessness, rage, and collapse that the author associates with trauma.


Password: 4x!D!!6k





17 July 2020


Dr Connie Valkin and Mrs Adri Kruger. Book reviews


Dear All,

This is a reminder that you are invited to join the weekly Zoom call tomorrow at 15:30 for another interesting book review session.


Dr Connie Valkin will be reviewing Irving Yalom’s latest and perhaps last book called “Becoming Myself”, written at the age of 85. It is his long-awaited memoir where he turns his wonderful therapeutic eye inward on himself. Yalom is a renowned novelist and a supremo therapist, and in this book we discover how it all hangs together.


Connie has been a practising clinical psychologist for nearly 4 decades, she completed her doctorate in 1994 and is well known as a couple therapist. She taught family therapy and systems thinking to masters students at UJ for 12 years.  Her parenting workshops, honed from 35 years as part-time psychologist at a top private school, mutated into a community project, funded by corporates, that rolled out nationally from 1999 to the present.  It is a grass roots curriculum offered in schools that successfully interrupts the cycle of violence - some of the time!


Connie consults in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, now remotely using Zoom.


In what promises to be another fascinating review, Adri Kruger will be talking about British philosopher Alain de Botton’s book, “Religion for Atheists”. It focuses on the relevance & value of philosophy on our everyday lives.  His work covers a wide variety of topics such as love, social status, architecture & travel.


Adri Kruger, a clinical psychologist, looks at aspects of this 2012 book with a specific focus on existential meaning and the value of books & our Covid-Lockdown book-club in exploring ideas which can ultimately guide us to live better lives.


We look forward to seeing you on tomorrow!


Best, Judy, Hannetjie and Christina.


Password: 5I=1eI$^






30 July 2020


Final Lockdown-coping Zoom Meeting. Dr Hannetjie Edeling discusses her updated e-book : Distilled Wisdom: a guide to positive living and ageing; whereafter Karin, Jimmy and Willie reflect on the group process and activities over it's 4month long lifespan.


Thank you to all presenters and participants. You made the journey worthwhile.


Password: 4j=#Dr4@




Any suggestions or opinions voiced in these pages are those of the authors, and in no way to be constructed as final treatment advice. They are intended as a starting point to develop your own preparation and treatment plan. Please consult your medical and/or psychological experts or caregivers to fine-tune the advice and suggestions for your own unique needs.