Distilled Wisdom is the upgraded e-book version of Over the {Hill} Moon, A Guide to Positive Ageing, which is available in print.

About Distilled Wisdom – A Guide to Positive Living and Ageing


Distilled Wisdom is a practical book about strategies for living your best life. For these books I have drawn on my experience as a dietitian and psychologist for over forty years. I have selected some of the most up-to-date information from research in the fields of nutrition, epigenetics, positive psychology, neuro-science, mindfulness and neuro-linguistic programming and present it to you in manageable and easy-to understand ways. The books are divided into five sections, each representing an action step towards positive growth – Awareness; Attention; Intention; Action; Integration and Maintenance. Even if you only read what’s written in bold and enjoy the drawings, you will already get the message.


You will learn that

• By understanding how our subconscious minds work, we can employ this knowledge

• to enhance our lives in meaningful ways;

• We can influence our biological age and how old we feel;

• Suffering is optional;

• Behaviour trumps genetics when it comes to how we will age;

• We can protect our brains against age-related mental deterioration;

• We can continue to learn and grow, no matter how old we become;

• Proper planning prevents panic;

• Retirement can be a time of growth and fulfilment.


To paraphrase Robert Waldinger, Director of one of the most famous studies on ageing – Take care of your body and mind from early on as if you are going to need them for 100 years, because you just might. I invite you to invest in your brilliant future.  Grab your copy of Distilled Wisdom or Over the {Hill} Moon today and let’s choose to flourish together!


DR HANNETJIE’S BOOK DISTILLED WISDOM is available from Amazon. Should you struggle to find it, please contact dr Hannetjie directly.


Hannetjie’s comments for Distilled Wisdom – 2020 e-book

It is with great gratitude that I make these notes for Distilled Wisdom, the upgraded version of Over the Moon (OTM).


The world has changed a lot since OTM first saw the light in 2013, but the essence of the message, I am happy to report, has remained intact. Many of us will have the opportunity to live considerably longer than our forefathers did, and we need to be conscious, pro-active and armed with current knowledge if we want to make the extra time meaningful. We understand that quality of life is key, and that extra years are meaningless without health, vigour and mental clarity.


Several people whose influence I depended on for the first edition have since died, particularly Wayne Dyer and Gene Cohen. They have left an indelible influence in the realm of positive living and ageing which I hope we will continue to honour and learn from. Kurt Waldinger is now the director of the Harvard Longitudinal Study, and much more research has seen the light regarding the massively beneficial effect of mindfulness and meditation for every aspect of our lives and performance.


There have been explosions in nutritional research, epigenetics, nutrigenomics and functional medicine which I have not incorporated, particularly because these are dynamic and continuously developing fields and the landscapes there change by the day. There are fascinating debates about the benefits of ketogenic diets versus paleo; intermittent fasting versus other types of calorie restriction and their effects on longevity; as well as whether ageing is a natural process or and illness – each with serious implications for budget- and manpower allocations towards research.


The greatest changes though are in the technology realm – one of the motivating factors for this version of the book, namely Distilled Wisdom in digital format. Where I-pads, internet, Apps and webinars were relative novelties just a few years ago, nowadays they are commonplace and we find ourselves dealing with previously unheard of challenges such as protecting ourselves and our three-year-olds from having our health, brain function and sanity under threat from EMF’s (Electro-magnetic radiations emitted by electronic equipment) and internet addictions.


I have not incorporated these issues into Distilled Wisdom, but want to refer you to my Pinterest Boards and website, both under the Dr Hannetjie name, where there are numerous articles and opinions about the many dimensions of positive living and ageing, as well as the psychology of retirement.


However, amidst the raging currents of change, research into the Blue Zones – areas of exceptional longevity all over the world – has shown that the well- known standards for good living have not essentially changed over time. We still need whole and nutritious food, connection with the natural environment, company, community, decent exercise and rest, purpose and a positive attitude to obtain our best life. Those basic human needs are as pertinent now as they have ever been.



Any suggestions or opinions voiced in these pages are those of the authors, and in no way to be constructed as final treatment advice. They are intended as a starting point to develop your own preparation and treatment plan. Please consult your medical and/or psychological experts or caregivers to fine-tune the advice and suggestions for your own unique needs.



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